Sunday, March 14, 2010


I actually made it to my second trimester!!!   I am feeling sooo much better, it's unbelievable.   Evenings are a little iffy, but I've been able to return to most of my normal activities.

I spotted off and on until about my 10th week of pregnancy.   And it started again on Friday, and I can't quite figure out what the heck is going on.   The doctor's office didn't seem that concerned, and just told me to watch it over the weekend.   From what I've read, you shouldn't bleed at ALL in your second trimester.    I don't see my doctor for a scheduled appointment for another 3 weeks, so I may have to schedule an appointment this week to see if everything is ok.

I've also been having a hard time regulating my heart rate.    My resting (sitting) rate is about 90, and my standing is about 120.   Walking, or jogging will get me up to 140-160 in no time.     I mentioned this at my last doctors appointment, and they are checking my thyroid and hemoglobin.    I may have low iron because I donated blood two weeks before I got pregnant (but it was great when I donated, so that shouldn't be it).  

We've finally started telling people, and it's so weird that people get more excited than I am.    I just can't seem to believe that this is real, or that it's going to work out ok.   I somewhat expected this from reading other blogs in the community, but it's still an odd feeling to try to fake enthusiasm for something like this.   (I mean, I'm happy, and excited, but not like I thought I'd be...)

So all in all, things are looking pretty good.    No complaints out of me, and hopefully we will get these little speed bumps figured out and taken care of soon.

An update with my friend with the preemie:   the baby continues to progress and will likely be on track to go home on his due date.   So that's all good news, and hopefully it keeps getting better.   Thanks for all of the prayers along the way for them.


  1. Congratulations on the second trimester! That's so exciting. Things are moving along quickly now. And I'm so glad to hear that your friend and her baby are doing well. I will continue to keep them in my thoughts.

  2. I completely know what your saying about it being so weird when people get more excited than you. It's just that their joy is 'unrestrained' and yours isn't because you're still scared about the shoe dropping. I was the same way until we learned the gender, then it all became super real for me. It is such an awkward position to be in, and I didn't like telling people for that very reason, but don't worry- you will probably move out of the incessant worry stage in a few weeks and won't have to force that smile so big when you tell people how excited you are. Glad you're gfeeling better!!

  3. I know what you mean about others getting more excited, too. It's because they usually haven't had IF struggles and feel 100% confident all will be well. As you get further along it will get easier because more and more worry goes away.

    Congrats on getting into your 2nd trimester!!

  4. Congratulations on the second trimester! Its good to know that the hesitantly happy feelings are normal. Thanks for your support!