Monday, October 26, 2009


Went in for the HSG today. The time line of the morning looks like this:

Took 400 mg Advil before leaving the house at 7:20 am. Appointment was at 8 am which was the first appointment from the day.

7:25 get in a fight with Sweets on the way to the hospital about the fact that he still hasn't scheduled a SA with his urologist (he went in last week for a look at a varicocele). If we do IUI this weekend, we need to know if he's producing sperm. He yells out that he has a testicular lump that he thinks might be cancer. He does this to "win" the argument. I should add that this is pretty common for him. He with holds something, acts weird, and when I press him on it, the real true comes out in some terrible, horrible way.

7:45 Get to the hospital, Sweets parks and I check in like I have been instructed.

7:50 Change into flimsy hospital gown, go over the procedure with the technician and then wait. and wait.

8:20 The technician calls the doctor's office and and page the doctor. I finally call my doctor's nursing desk and leave a message around 8:30.

8:45 Sweets and I are deciding whether or not to leave (we kind of just want to wait it out because we don't want to have to go through this again, and we'd have to wait until next month because it's cycle day 9 today)

8:50 Doctor rushes in, saying she just got paged by the nurse (didn't get our pages because technician had the wrong number). But get this: SHE WALKS IN WITH COFFEE. Rule number one in my book of etiquette is this if you are running late, you'd better not show up with coffee, thus implying that your coffee was more important than my time.

Doctor apologizes "i'm sorry, sorry sorry...." And while she doesn't say it, it's apparent that she simply forgot she had an early patient this morning.

9 am we start the procedure. And she botches it. Not once, but TWICE the clamps come off of my cervix when she is removing the speculum. I think that if the catheter had just stayed in, the procedure wouldn't have been that painful. But each time that she had to re-insert it, the pain increased. It brought tears to my eyes, and something has to be pretty painful to get that reaction.

The second time she had to insert it, Sweets jumped forward and grabbed my hand. After it was all done, I finally turned to look at him (he was slightly behind me so I couldn't see him during everything) and he looked panicked and livid at the same time. He said later that he was so angry at her for causing me unnecessary pain that he couldn't talk to her, even though he had questions to ask. He was uncharacteristically protective of me, which I found surprising and comforting.

Good news is that the doctor said from first look that tubes are clear. I've had bad cramps all day, and have been bleeding, but it's fading as the day goes on.

It's been a bad day


  1. That just absolutely sucks (not the clear tubes part)--to have to go through the physical pain, but also the long wait to be seen. I'm glad you don't have to go through it again.

  2. Visiting here from Mel's blog....nice to meet ya!!!

    Sorry to hear you had a rough appt. this morning! First the doc being late and then the whole crappy job at the HSG.....that sucks! That test is just no fun at all (had two of them myself)

    Glad you survived and that your tubes look good! Hope the cramps/bleeding goes away soon! Hang in there!