Friday, January 15, 2010

No snappy title

Nicole at  anonymousinfertilityconfessions hit the nail on the head this week when she said that "there's been a lot of horrible news in IF blogland" over the past couple of weeks.

Like her, I'd like to say that I completely understand if there are those of you who can't keep up on my blog now that I'm pregnant.  I totally get it, as I was just there also.


I stayed home from work sick yesterday so that I could catch up on some sleep.   I realized about three weeks ago that I have a huge amount of sick time banked up, and I won't be able to take it with me when I leave my job.   So I'm planning on using it.

I got some Breathe Right Strips, and they've helped a lot.    I have no idea why this is happening.   It may be some weird pregnancy thing, or allergies.   But it's not an illness, which I was hoping (so that it would just go away).


Sweets and I have been doing very well since the "realization."   He's been incredibly attentive and sweet, and it's been really nice.

Then, two nights ago, we got into a huge fight about our OB/GYN.      So, I've mentioned before that we had a bad experience during our HSG.  (this was done by our regular OB/GYN).   She botched the procedure twice, was late to the appointment, and then called me TWICE to give me the results, because she had forgotten that she already talked to me the day before.

But when I found out I was pregnant, I called and scheduled an appointment with her, because she's my regular doctor, and it was the easiest thing.   She's very highly ranked, and came with good recommendations on the whole "giving birth thing."   Which is frankly number one in my book.

Sweets would prefer that I go to another doctor at the practice (who he got to meet because she did one of our weekend IUIs, I'll call her Dr C).   But I'm uncomfortable switching to another doctor in the same practice...   Frankly, I just think that it's rude.   Plus, there is a 30% chance that the old doctor would end up delivering us, because of how they work the call schedule.   Talk about an awkward moment if she showed up to deliver the baby after we'd switched doctors!

So I decided to call my sister's doctor.  She LOVES this man.  And she had delivered two kids before hand, so she knew what to look for.   I take that recommendation seriously, even though I always said that I would NEVER go to a male doctor.  Now I'm certainly eating my words.

Sweets, on the other hand, was very comfortable with Dr C and didn't want to deal with a whole new doctor.      Finally, after rounds and rounds of rounds of it, I had to say that it's my body and me going through labor, so I get to choose the doctor.   I made an appointment with the male doc (Dr. L) and I'll see him right at 8 weeks for my first visit.

Surprisingly, Sweets calmed down a lot and I think he realized that he was being irrational.   I realize that I got way more angry than I should have (yea hormones!), but still think that it should be mainly my call when it comes to this.   Maybe I'm being irrational?   Does anyone else have husbands that feel like they should have a say in the OB/GYN?

Anyhoo, so we resolved things well, and have moved on nicely.   We've come a long way from where we were 6 months ago, that's for sure.

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  1. Hi Nixy. I was thinking about you today on my way to my RE appointment. You were one of the first commenters on my blog and I've been following your journey closely. I'm so happy for you that you got your BFP! But I was actually thinking today about whether I would be commenting as much on your blog... it might be hard for me to always know what to say... but even if you don't hear from me as much, I will still be reading!

    I'm glad you and sweets resolved the ob/gyn problem. Maybe he just feels like he wants to be more involved in the process, and have a say in things. But it sounds like you guys are doing really well! Are you stil going to counseling?