Monday, January 4, 2010


Ahh, I have so many resolutions for this year!   I am going to list them out so that I am accountable.

1.  The ever present "lose 10-20 pounds."    While I have been working with a trainer one day a week to increase my strength (due to a back injury and a connective tissue problem that I have), I have not been doing my best to do cardio and regular work outs.   I started this weekend working out with my Wii fitness trainer.  (I'm on day 3, yea!)

2.   Lengthen my temper "fuse", especially in regards to my husband.   The both of us have gotten so sick of each other that we nip, and nag about the STUPIDEST things.  We are both going to work on this.   (this one is actually the most important in the list)

3.   Find a new job.   I am determined to pursue all my avenues of job hunting this year to try to make it out of my current position.

4.  Enjoy my life day to day, and the blessings that God has given me.    I'm finally coming to acceptance of this whole IF thing, I think.   I have good days, and bad days, but I'm definitely on an upswing.    I'm becoming able to enjoy life despite the IF, and I think that this is also helping my marriage.

5.   Learn to cook more than the 4 dishes that I already know.   Sweets usually does the cooking, and I'd like to give him a break on this.

So there are certainly more than this, but these are the big ones.   Bring it on, New Year!


  1. What great resolutions! Are you talking about the Wii Fit?

  2. So I have the Wii Fit also, but the Wii Fitness trainer is like having a personal trainer (does not use the wii fit). It does aerobics, lifting, and the like, keeps track of your work outs, and adjusts difficulty for you as you go. I've had it for a while (it was a gift) but have only now started using it. I'm hoping great things come from it :)

  3. I had the fitness trainer, I liked it a lot! Good Luck Nix, and if you need recipes or anything, be sure to let me know!!