Sunday, January 10, 2010

No AF!

Alright, so I'm a full 36 hours from when AF should have shown, so I'm pretty sure that this isn't a chemical pregnancy.   Symptoms are very light, but I have sore boobs and light cramping and some serious bloating.     I kind of expected to really FEEL pregnant at this point, though.

I was scared enough that I've taken like 5 HPTs over the past 36 hours to make sure that the line is actually increasing in strength and not decreasing.   (it looks like it is.)

I'm going to call my doctor(s) tomorrow and ask what the procedure is.   See, if we go to our RE, we'll have an easy time getting an appointment, but we'll have to pay for everything.   If I call my regular OB/GYN, then I'll probably be told to wait until 6 weeks, and go in and have all the pre-natal stuff done.  (At no cost to us.)   I guess I'm not sure if they do a 6 week ultrasound in a regular OB's office, but I'll ask on the phone tomorrow.

Part of me is just thinking that I'll wait and see the regular OB.    If something goes poorly, there isn't really anything that my RE could do about it anyway, right?    Anyone have any advice about this?    It might be nice to know what the beta is, but we pay for everything out of pocket, and money is a little tight.   (Especially now that I think my working days are numbered.)


I can't stop smiling.   Sweets and I are both so happy.    But is SO WEIRD, because both of us are already coming up with contingency plans.  We're so shocked that it worked, and so beaten down by the IF, that I think both of us are expecting the worst.    This is normal pessimism for me, but Sweets is ever an optimist, so it's weird to hear it coming from his mouth, too.    We've both had to stop ourselves and just say "one day at a time."  

I'm still in shock.  very very good shock.


  1. Can you call your insurance and find out if the test is covered? It shouldn't matter who performs it.

    We have really shitty insurance and have had to cover all of our treatments out of pocket -- but bloodwork has always been covered. Go figure.

    Will be waiting anxiously to see what your results are!


  2. Ok, if you've taken 5 HPT, and all 5 show even a faint second line, then you are pregnant. With both of my pregnancies (Menopur shots with IUI both times) they wouldn't see me until 7 weeks. DO NOT be surprised if you do not "feel" pregnant. My boobs were tender, but I didn't have morning sickness until 5-1/2 weeks with my first and 6-1/2 weeks with my second. I had some mild cramping, like in my uterus, sometimes for hours, and that's normal. You might get a weird pain here and there in your gut when you stand up too quick. They say that's supposed to happen later, but with both pregnancies I had weird, sharp pains, but they're normal. You might have EXTREME exhaustion hit you (mine comes in the afternoon). Just give it a few days or a week or two. TRUST'll feel pregnant eventually. And it ain't all that pretty sometimes. I had morning sickness until week 14. I'm currently at 7 weeks today and my first appointment is tomorrow. You might find that you're not hungry or nothing sounds appealing. Also, you might not be able to eat the amounts you're used to eating. I miss my whole sandwiches...1/2 is all I can eat without being miserably exhausted. Welp, you asked. Feel free to ask me anything if you feel like emailing. (

    Congrats!! Janette

  3. I'm so happy for you!
    Maybe you can just have the bloodwork? Your insurance should cover a beta and other baseline levels, even if prescribed by your primary or gyn.

  4. I agree about the bloodwork. If you'd like the reassurance of the betas, I would think that's something your OBGYN would easily do without being "seen" (either for the draw or the results).

    Keep us posted! :)

  5. Wow, this is fabulous. Not the insurance issue, but the news. My primary early symptom was exhaustion, too - just this bone deep weariness unconnected to how much sleep I had, or what my day had been like. Just WEARY by the end of the day.

    I think your question on which doc to see depends entirely on what will work best for you. You've seen Jo on the roller coaster of conflicting info. Decide if that level of info is what you want, or if maybe you'd be better emotionally just being with this for a while, until your OB is ready to see you. Though like others have said, I bet they'd be willing to work with you to get you more info than they typically do with the average patient.

  6. NIXY!!!!! Please keep us posted, I will continue to keep my fingers crossed and smile with hope that your dream is coming true!

  7. I would ask for a beta AND a progesterone test. This way, if your progesterone is low, they will know right off the bat and will give you supplements. If your GYN won't do it, your RE should.

    Good luck and keep us posted!