Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Care pkg and etc

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful suggestions on the care package.   They were all really helpful.

I ended up buying a nice Eddie Bauer diaper bag and filling it with all of the goodies.   I think that it turned out pretty well, and I'm just now realizing I should have taken a picture of it all to show you!  (I'm a bad blogger...)    The post office lady positively giggled at how heavy it was, and it cost me over 30 bucks to ship.   Since when did shipping stuff cost so dang much?


Sweets told his mom this weekend (against my wishes because everyone knows she can't keep her mouth shut).   She called me right away to tell me how happy she was, and repeated OVER AND OVER that she wouldn't tell a SOUL.   She acknowledged that she knew I'd be angry, and she promised not to say anything.

Then Sweets talked to his sister the next day and asked if MIL had told her.   She said yes.

This infuriates me.   First, IT ISN'T HER NEWS TO TELL.   Sweets should be able to tell the people in his family!    Also, did she think that not telling anyone excluded family?    

Sweets just laughs it off, because there isn't anything he can do about it.  But I am livid.  At both him for telling her and her for not keeping her mouth shut.   Seriously, it's just TWO more weeks!

It also makes me mad, because Sweets went on and on that my mom wouldn't be able to stay quiet after we told her.   I had to defend her time and again, because she IS good with baby news, despite her other tendencies to gossip.    And she didn't say a damn thing.   We saw my sisters and brother this past weekend and HAD to tell them because I'm already showing, and my boobs are noticeably pregnanty.   They were shocked and excited.

I think that possibly Sweets was just feeling out of the loop, but it doesn't excuse him doing something that I specifically requested that he not do, for VERY good reason (and now is completely justified).

I have half a mind in my hormone crazed state to write his mother an email about how her actions are/were completely innapropriate.    I won't do it, because I'll become rational in another couple of days, but I want. to. write. it.          


Warning: pregnancy related talk below...   IFers feel free to stop reading here.

So my morning sickness has been getting worse and worse for the past few weeks and it's actually getting hard to work.   I have been throwing up at least twice a day after breakfast and dinner, with near constant nausea in between.   I had to tell my boss that I wasn't being very productive, and he was good about it.   I said that I was still getting stuff done, but slowly, and he asked me if "I was able to keep working" as if he was totally ok with me taking time off.   I was kind of floored.   I actually WANT to keep working, because when I'm at home, I just lay in bed and think about how I don't feel well.   I'm HAPPY that I don't feel well because I would worry if I felt alright, but it's definitely affecting my work and life considerably.

I've found that mint tea really helps me make it through the day but I'm really hoping that I'm not one of those women that is sick through my entire pregnancy.   Has anyone out there tried acupuncture for morning sickness?    I'm seriously considering it.


  1. So, what did you end up sending? (I'd also be interested if your friend tells you anything was particularly useful or helpful, once things settle down for them, of course!)

    I told my husband's family before he could at the Christmas get together which upset him because he really wanted to tell them - so that sucked on my part, but at least we were in agreement that we were going to tell them.

    Work helps me keep my mind off the ick as well, but I've never felt as bad as you seem to. I'm sorry, and I hope it eases up for you SOON!

  2. Do tell us what you ended up sending. :)

    I'd be mad at my husband and MIL too. I'm surprised he even told her. And if he is upset she told anyone else, then he should have thought of that before he told her. Grrr. Men.

    Have you tried those sour Preggie P.ops? You can get them at Mo.therhood. They helped me during my pregnancy. Don't get the ginger flavored ones. I heard they don't taste good.

  3. That's so frustrating about Sweets and your MIL. You are very justified to be annoyed. I'm so sorry you are dealing with that.

    And even though the morning sickness has to be rough, it's a great sign! Hopefully it quiets down by the time you reach your second tri.

  4. Ugh that is so annoying about your MIL. I am sorry. And that sucks that you're experiencing so much morning sickness. If it continues to the point that you are having difficulty eating your doctor can prescribe you something. Hang in there!