Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The list of goodies

So sorry not to include in the last post a description of what I sent!   Here it is:

for baby:

  • Two cute outfits for a 5 pounder (what they expect him to be when he can go home/wear clothes)
  • a couple of new born pacifiers
  • a pack of receiving blankets
  • one nice snuggly blanket
  • one small security type blanket
  • small packets of dreft to get them started

for parents:

  • an assortment of magazines.  (I think People, Elle, cosmo, time, men's heatlh and parents)
  • one trashy vampire romance novel from the Black Dagger Brotherhood (to see if she likes the series.  If so, I'll send her the rest)
  • an assortment of protein bars (lara, cliff and power) for them to munch on
  • a travel Scrabble game with snap in pieces that they can easily pass around
  • a Snu.ggie, and eye cover for naps
  • hand lotion
So I think I'm missing a couple of things, but can't remember what.   I wasn't feeling great as I was running around, so some of those (the Snu.ggie and the Scrabble game) were DEFINITE impulse buys.    I put all that stuff in a diaper bag and sent it off.  


  1. Oh! and thanks for the suggestions for the Preggie Pops! I'm totally going to get some tonight.

  2. Aw that was so incredibly nice of you. Your friend is really going to appreciate that care package a lot!

  3. Snuggies make me laugh. Thats hilarious. Your care package was very caring, thoughtful, and full of love. You are so very sweet, and I hope your friend realizes what a wonderful friend she has in you.