Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My apologies

So last week, I accidentally posted on a friend's IRL blog with my anonymous blogger-log in.    While I quickly deleted the comment, it still  linked to my profile, which linked to my blog.     I asked her to delete and resubmit the post, but she was traveling unexpectedly until last night and couldn't get to it.

So, I'm back, I've been staying up with people's blogs, and I apologize for the quick drop off without explanation.


And better news, we had our 8 week appointment yesterday morning, and everything looks perfect so far!


  1. So glad to hear that you are doing okay! I've been thinking about you.

  2. Hey! Welcome back! I was wondering what had happened to you! So glad everything's going well, can't wait for more updates!

  3. Ugh. I've done that before. On more than one occasion... I've also done the opposite, posting on one of the anon blogs with my real login, which is VERY searchable!

    Glad your appt went well. Each week under the belt (hah. no pun intended)is such a relief!

  4. I live in DREAD fear of that happening.

  5. Thanks for your advice about the Breathe-Right strips for my sinus infection. They actually DID help me a little bit (I am even wearing one right now haha), although I would never have believed it til I tried it!

    Congrats on having a great 8 week appointment! I bet it was nice to see your little one on the screen again.