Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I've been feeling decidedly normal since the IUI 10 days ago, despite my mind's best efforts. It nags: Aren't you more tired? Aren't you a little more sore than usual? Was that cramp out of the ordinary???

Today I made the mistake of POAS because I'm meeting a friend for coffee tonight after work, and I kinda wanted to go full caffeinated... BFN, but of course I won't believe it until this weekend, when AF is actually due. Decaf it is. Now I just ask myself why did I waste the test? Apparently, I'm just maso.chistic.

About life in general: I'm feeling much better today. Sweets booked an appointment with a counselor for the both of us next Monday. I wanted him to do it, to feel like he was part of the solution to all of this, and I think it's working. [Also, because nothing I ever do is good enough, so this way he can't bitch at me about how I've picked the wrong counselor.]


  1. Just found your blog. Good luck on your journey, it's refreshing to see someone write honestly about what IF does to our marriages. Hoping your first IUI was the last.

  2. Don't worry. The month I got pregnant I didn't feel different at all until probably a week after my positive beta. Lack of symptoms means nothing in this crazy process...

    Good luck!