Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving recap

So lots of little things happened this Thanksgiving.

First, it was the 9th anniversary of Sweets and my first date. We have decided this year that we aren't giving each other presents for anything (holidays or anniversary) because the IF treatments are so expensive, and we have zero health insurance coverage. Now, we are lucky that we have no mortgage so that we can actually afford to pay the RE bills. I used to see NOT having a house as a major curse, and now I actually believe that G-d was preparing us for the whole IF journey.

Anyhoo, we woke up on Thursday morning to cook the turkey, and Sweets whips out a jewelry box. "Just a little something because your wonderful, and to remind you of me." He says. And I burst out crying. Inside was a delicate silver bracelet, one that I can wear all the time to remind me of him. I had gotten him a card, and written the ten reasons I was thankful for him in it. It felt woefully inadequate, but he got teary eyed reading it. It was a good morning.


We cooked the turkey and transported it to my sister's house, where we ate a big meal, and played some games. We talked and laughed, and my sister in law was drinking, which means she's not pregnant yet, and I had half been expecting a pregnancy announcement from them.

My sister has a very bad habit of talking about the rest of the family in front of her kids. I have personally witnessed her two oldest children confronting other family members with things that they've heard their mom discussing. I usually keep my head down and off the radar, but I guess it was only a matter of time.

At some point, my 8 year old niece looked at me and asked "Are you ever going to have a baby?" I simply replied "Eventually."

This probably means that my mother and sister were talking about me during their preparations for the big dinner. It drives me crazy because I knew it was going to happen. I guess my REAL problem with the whole situation is that it's just disappointing that I wasn't wrong.

The up side of this, however, is that I think it means that they are going to stop pestering me about it. At least a girl can hope.


  1. Congrats on reaching the nine-year mark! Mo and i are just a few months behind you, it seems. It's so odd to me how IF (and blogging about it) can bring together people in similar situations who otherwise would never have met.

    So glad you and DH had a good Thanksgiving, minus the comments via your sister's kids. Hoping and praying that by this time NEXT year, they won't have anything to say.


  2. Sounds like you and Sweets celebrated together just right :)
    Sorry about the family comments. They can be pretty stinging even from an innocent kid. Just this Halloween my 3.5 yr old niece was telling me how you can only go trick or treating if you have kids so I needed to get a kid. A baby, in fact. You go to the doctor and he puts them in your tummy. She kept touching my tummy, then her infant brother and saying, Like this. But this my baby. You need your own.
    Hopefully it does mean that they'll stop pestering you. :)