Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Given the Holiday, and the nature of this blog, I've decided to list 10 reasons that I am thankful for my husband. I'm working hard to erase the negative influence of infertility on my marriage, and last night, I was lying awake and I realized number one on the list:

I am thankful...
1. that my husband lets me absolutely hog the bed. And the covers. He'll even lay stick straight all night long. I have no idea how he sleeps like that.

2. for my husband's blind faith in God. He reminds me to be a better Christian (without actually reminding me).

3. that he straightens the house. Because I HATE doing it. Hate hate hate it. But I LOVE having a neat house. (don't ask how that works, it doesn't make sense).

4. that he likes to cook, and is so very good at it.

5. that he doesn't worry about money like I do.

6. that he was alright settling thousands of miles away from his family, so that we could be close to mine.

7. for his musical talent. I love hearing him play the guitar.

8. for his abilities to do anything with electronic equipment or computers.

9. for his willingness to travel at my pace with this whole infertility craziness, even though he may not agree with it.

10. for the good times and bad times over the 9 years we've been together, and 6 married. As I look back on the years, it seems like the bad times have drawn us closer together, and I'm hoping that weathering the IF storm does the same.


  1. What a lovely tribute. I hope you shared it with your hubby!

  2. Sweets sounds like a real gem! And it's so important to remember that you have each other. That's what me and DH always say when life gets rough: "we have each other." Thanks for sharing these, and I'm going to be thinking about 10 for my hubby!

  3. Awww. This is too cute. You should share this with him. Very nice tribute.

  4. Good for you for doing this. I, too, am trying to focus on the things I'm thankful for, instead of what I wish I had. Hoping that soon you have everything you ever dreamed of.


  5. This is a wonderful post. Infertility can be so difficult on a marriage, it's good to take time to remember what you are thankful for. I hope that you all continue to move in the healing direction. Best of luck to you.


  6. I hear great sensitivity and commitment in your 10 reasons to be thankful for your husband. It's so important to look past the infertility and medical mechanics to the person who stands beside you. It helps to step back once in a while, as you have, and recognize who you both are and how you fill in the gaps for each other.
    Thanks for reminding me to do the same. I'm sure I can come up with 10 if I try.

    Lisa (ICLW #195 Your Great Life)