Monday, December 21, 2009

Better Today

So I'm feeling much better today.   I still don't know where Sweets and I "are" in all of this.   I'm pretty much just sort of numb about it.

I've realized by some of the responses that I wasn't exactly clear on a few things (it was the middle of the night when I pounded that off last night, I just really needed to get it off my chest).

1.   Sweet's fat comment was said in a very mocking tone.   He will also say to me "stop eating!" and the like.   It was a "joke" but it was mean spirited and very pointed.   It's his way of communicating a dislike.  I normally ignore them, or tell him to F off.    One of the reasons that I really didn't appreciate it is because I'm pretty sure it's medication induced.   I mean, I have never before gained 5 pounds in a month, directly in my stomach.    I also feel somewhat helpless to do anything about it.   I work out, and I don't eat terribly.  I'm not going to starve myself.

2.    I'm off the progesterone and have been for two weeks.   I can't think of any reason why I'd be having mental or physical side effects from it still.   (Although I guess I could be...?)    I won't be taking it this month anyway, because of the holiday break we are instituting.    I'm crossing my fingers that my belly distention, constipation and early satiety all go away soon.

On dreading the holidays:

We had several conversations yesterday about the holidays.   I reiterated to him that it was going to be a difficult time for me, and that I was going to need him to step in and deflect comments from his family.   Typically he just leaves me to hang when someone brings up kids, if I'm pregnant, etc.   Literally he'll just sit there like he's deaf and dumb and stare at me.      I told him that if he expects me to be able to hold it together in front of his family, that he'd better be jumping in and not acting like a dumbass.   Hopefully he took this to heart.


More In Law Crazy:

His mother has finally fessed up to the fact that bowling on Saturday is NOT necessary for their league.  IN FACT, the other team isn't even going to be there.     When Sweets got off the phone with her, I could only stare at him incredulously.   I specifically asked him if he thought I was being unreasonable and how he felt about the entire thing.   He basically said that he thought it sucked, and that  he was really disappointed.   Apparently her new excuse is that "for the next two months, people have things going on, and a wedding, etc, etc" so they want to all get together anyway.    He wanted to say to her "yeah, well you have us in town that Saturday, why aren't we good enough to reschedule for?"   But of course he didn't.

He seems to miss the point that you can be straightforward with people, and non confrontational.   Him just ignoring the situations will just make it worse.   He can tell her how he feels, and then at least she won't be able to ignore how we feel.  (Because it was obvious by her guilty-speech that she KNOWS she's doing something wrong here.)

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