Thursday, December 3, 2009


So today is day 4 on prometrium/progesterone. Due to my irregular bleeding, the RE thought it was worth a shot.

I woke up this morning and almost couldn't zip my fat jeans. Yesterday I was super comfy in my one size down, and feeling like I'd lost some weight, even.

This is unbelievable! Holy crap!

Does anyone have any suggestions for de-bloating? (i may have just made up that word. Just sayin')


  1. Sounds awful! I'm sorry I don't have a good suggestion for you. I guess just try to make yourself comfortable and hope it doesn't last long!

  2. Gatorade and whey protein. Religiously. And take it easy if possible.
    So sorry about the bloat :( I feel your pain.

  3. Thanks Nicole! I'll try it immediately. :)

  4. I never found anything that was very successful. Protein, Gatorade... none of it worked for me. :( The only thing that 'helped' was elastic waist pants and a hot water bottle. :(