Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Even Better

I got a big fat apology last night.   He cried, and told me that he never wanted to upset me like that again.   He acknowledged how I was feeling and realizes that he hasn't been helping matters.

For a guy who never apologizes, he did a pretty darn good job.  

I may be MIA for the next week while we travel (though I'll try to be around because our hotel should have WIFI).

Here's to hoping everyone travels safely and has a good holiday.


  1. I'm glad he apologized. You deserved an apology for his behavior! I hope you have an enjoyable week and the holidays go well, despite everything.

  2. Glad he apologized and want to try harder. Have a great holiday!!

  3. Wow that's awesome news!! So glad that he apologized :) Have a fun holiday!!