Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Blues

So, my MIL has now made it impossible for us to go into the big city while we are visiting over Christmas. (back story here) She has now told Sweets that she wants us to go bowling with her on Saturday night so that she can "show us off."

The real reason is that she doesn't want to be put out by driving us 20 minutes out of her way to get us to the subway/train/bus. It's so frustrating. However, I'm starting to get very relaxed about the entire thing. It's not making me angry anymore, just sad. I would really like to have one of those relationships with my in laws that I looked forward to seeing them. Now I just really see it as a duty, but maybe that's ok for now.


I think the holiday blues are setting in. I've been awfully sad today for no real reason. Or I should say, no particular reasons (there are a ton of "real" ones for any IFer, right?) It never ceases to amaze me how quickly this can come upon me, and without a trigger that I can tell.

Now, I've been trying to figure out the easiest way to "medicate" (read; drink) at my SIL's house over Christmas. She and her husband do not drink because of religious reasons, but the rest of the family does. Is it too trashy to show up at her house with a couple nice bottles of wine, and insist that they get opened? Normally, I wouldn't do this, but I'm actually seriously considering it for my sanity.


  1. Bring the wine. Just because they don't drink doesn't mean you can't.

    (((hugs))) I hope the holiday blues pass quickly.

  2. Drink the wine and over exaggerate how delicious each sip is. Or, when things get stressful take a sip and look around and say "Thank God for self medication!" I show up with booze no matter where I go, Never know when you're gonna need it! And if MIL wants to show you off...well...let her show you off. Get drunk and start sliding down the lanes, or be persistent to the point of temper tantrum that you want kiddie bumpers on your lane, when all else fails start pole dancing or start singing "like a virgin" and hump the score keeping computer!

  3. It would be a nice for you to bring the wine, both for yourself and for the others that also drink!

    I hope the blues pass soon. You're in my thoughts.

  4. Hmm... since it's at her house... I think it depends on her family's devotion to the no-drinking thing. If it's a religious thing I personally think it wouldn't be nice to bring over alcohol and insist it be opened and drink it in front of her kids (who she's trying to teach not to drink). BUT... if she's just a "I don't drink but I don't care if you do" person, then take some!
    This holiday IL mess is just ridiculous. I'm so sorry for you about this and I hope the trip goes by quickly. Sorry about the blues too. Maybe you and DH can enjoy the trip by having a secret code to make fun of everyone without their knowing it, and laugh about how stupid everyone is later...? Ugh.